Ruth Lorenzo: EUROVISION 2014 ENTRY

Ruth Lorenzo at Eurovision for Spain

After YEARS of speculation and encouragment, Ruth Lorenzo will finally be the representative for Spain at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen, Denmark on May 10th. Ruth was one of five acts being considered as the Spanish entry, and was named the winner after an extremely close final live on TV. The spanish singer was tied with Brequette, after the judges' votes but came out on top when the televoting figures were added.

You can download Ruth Lorenzo's Spanish entry for Eurovision via Amazon by clicking here. Thanks for your support. (Compatible with MP3 Players (including with iPod®), iTunes, Windows Media Player)

Ruth Lorenzo to release a single: "The Night"

Ruth Lorenzo: The Night - Download

After a long long wait, Ruth Lorenzo is finally releasing a single from her latest Album. The single is called the Night and available for download from June 15th.

You can download Ruth Lorenzo's new single via Amazon by clicking here. Thanks for your support. (Compatible with MP3 Players (including with iPod®), iTunes, Windows Media Player)

Auryn at number 1 - Written by Ruth

Auryn - Breathe in the Light written by Ruth Lorenzo

As you know Ruth Lorenzo is writing songs for a few Artists. The most famous being her former mentor: Dannii Minogue. Ruth has also written the theme tune for a Telenovela last year. All this with great success. Ruth Lorenzo is enjoying success again with a new song titled "Breathe in the Light" written for the Band: Auryn. The song was number 1 on the Spanish Itunes chart. You can download Breathe in the Light from Auryn here

Follow up from the concert in Marbella

SummerSpectacular Marbella

Following Ruth Lorenzo's concert in Marbella last month, SotoGrande Television has made a video summing up the evening. You can see the video on Soto Grande Television youtube Channel. You can also watch Ruth Lorenzo singing with Bjorn Again on Ruth Lorenzo 2008 Youtube Channel

Ruth Lorenzo's call to her fans

Visit the Fundraising page

Finance Ruth Lorenzo Video

Message from Ruth: "We have finished what will be my first debut single – a song called Burn. This was financed independently, but now we are looking to our friends and fans and all those people who have supported me for so long, to be a part of this incredible journey. With your help, we can raise a competitive marketing budget that will help pay for the video for Burn, and marketing and PR services to help get airplay, media attention, design and distribution costs. In return for your support, we are offering some unique exclusives (in very limited numbers) that you will find here and only here.
Get your name in the CD credits, become an executive producer, get a signed CD and many more. New exclusives will be added from time to time so be sure to check back. I know that with your help, we can do this together, stick two fingers up to the major label system, and show them that the people DO decide. YOU ARE THE RECORD LABEL FROM NOW ON! Rock on! Ruth"

Ruth Lorenzo releases her first song

Ruth Lorenzo first song
Following her recent decision to part from EMI, Ruth Lorenzo has finally released her first song: "Eternity". You can listen to "Eternity" in our audio section.

Ruth Lorenzo Album available for PRE-ORDER

Ruth Lorenzo Album
Ruth Lorenzo's new album is now available for Pre-order. The Album is due to be released soon and you can now preorder Ruth Lorenzo's Album here

Ruth is now an independent artist

Ruth Lorenzo part with EMI
Dear Friends and Fans, Many of you have been asking about my forthcoming album, a project which has been in development for 2 years. I have been working with some extremely talented writers and producers on a collection of songs of which not only I am proud of, but which represents who I am as an Artist, writer and performer - an album that is true to my character and that hopefully will stand the test of time.
It is with this artistic integrity at heart, that I have decided to part with my label, EMI - due to creative differences to pursue my career as an independent artist. Throughout this time I have been overwhelmed by your support and enthusiasm - you have given me the energy to wake up every day and fight for what I believe in. This album was not just for me - it was for you - my fans - and the very reason that it has taken so much time to get where we are today is because I was trying to make an album that you deserve, not another expendable pop record that remains forgotten in time. So with this, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce everyone to Ruth Lorenzo - the independent artist. And with this new era will come new music, with many releases direct to fans. As far as the album is concerned: my plan is to raise the funds necessary to complete the project with the help of my fans, in return for cool exclusives, signed limited editions, visits to the studio, signed original artwork and much more. Get ready to be a part of the process! Thank you for bearing with me throughout this time, and I'm sorry the album production is taking longer than it should. But, if you're going to do something, you gotta do it right! I will be checking this personally and will be as active as possible. love you all. Ruth Lorenzo

See Ruth's last message to you

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Ruth Lorenzo song writer for D Minogue

Ruth Lorenzo song writer for Dannii Minogue
Ruth Lorenzo wrote a song for her former X-Factor mentor's new album. Dannii Minogue chose the song "Because you are beautiful" written by Ruth Lorenzo. The song has now been recorded

Ruth Lorenzo singing "Valientes" for Cuatro

Ruth Lorenzo cantando "Valientes"
Ruth Lorenzo has been asked by Channel, not this one, the Spanish Channel Four: Cuatro; to write a song for their new Series: "Valientes". Ruth Lorenzo offered Cuatro 2 songs for them to choose from and the TV Channel decided to keep them both. Ruth Lorenzo's songs will then feature at the opening and ending of the new tv series "Valientes" on Channel Cuatro !
La murciana, Ruth Lorenzo, ha sido elegida por Cuatro para interpretar y componer la sintonía de una de sus grandes apuestas de ficción nacional: Valientes. La cantante está trabajando en su disco de debut, pero aceptó el proyecto y presentó dos canciones para que la cadena eligiese, pero decidieron quedarse con ambas: una para la sintonía, “Quiero ser valiente“, y otra para los créditos finales, “Te puedo ver”. La serie diaria ha retrasado su estreno del 24 de enero, al 25, por lo que comenzará a emitirse el próximo lunes a las 15.15h, sustituyendo al talent show Fama. Una gran inversión de recursos que la cadena espera que la audiencia valore en una franja floja que sin Fama se hunde y con la tercera edición ya ha dado muestras de debilidad más que evidentes. La melodía de la canción con la que abre la serie la compuso en su apartamento de Londres, ya que Ruth aprovecha cualquier momento para coger su “guitarrilla” y ponerse a componer. “Como llueve mucho no tenga nada qué hacer aparte de escribir y componer”, reconoce. Asegura que han trabajado sobre “algo muy específico”. Tanto la letra como la melodía han sido pensadas para que “cuando la gente vea la cabecera, vea a los actores,… les llegue la música”. La nueva serie de ficción, Valientes, adaptación española de uno de los mayores éxitos de la televisión argentina actual. Valientes es una historia de dolor y engaño, una historia de amor y venganza protagonizada por tres hermanos, los Soto, a los que dan vida los actores Julián Gil, Marco de Paula y Michel Gurfi. Pueden escuchar la cancion de "Valientes" aqui.

Ruth Lorenzo's Album

Ruth Lorenzo Album release
Since everybody keep asking the same question, we've decided to give you some hint regarding RUTH LORENZO's album launch. Ruth Lorenzo's Album was initially due to release in March 2010. Because Ruth has now been involved with Cuatro for their new fictional series: "Valientes" (see above), the launch of Ruth's Album has been postponed to at least September 2010. As always, we ask you not to get too excited as things in the industry are often subject to change. So, for the moment, Ruth's album should be released in September but delays might occur.

Ruth Lorenzo's Record Deal

Reccord Deal: EMI sign Ruth Lorenzo
RUTH LORENZO has turned her back on mentor SIMON COWELL to sign a £1million deal with a rival record firm. The music mogul spent most of the last X Factor series flirting with the busty Spanish singer and he has been praising her ever since. But Ruth shook on the deal last week with one of his biggest rivals — EMI/Virgin — and will be unveiled by the label
as their new pop hope when the ink dries on the contract at the beginning of next month.
She was sworn to secrecy by bosses but couldn’t wait to spill the beans after sinking a few too many glasses of bubbly at the launch of JEAN-CHRISTOPHE NOVELLI’s Costa del Sol restaurant at the weekend.
A guest at the bash said: “Ruth was a bit giddy with the free champagne and was telling everyone Simon was gutted she signed elsewhere. She said she wanted to sign with him because they got along so well during the X Factor. She said she would have loved to work with him.
Ruth says he has given her lots of advice — which she made it clear she was grateful for — and also that he had given her a lot of confidence with her singing and with her career.
“But the EMI deal was just too good for her to knock back.
“By the way she was celebrating, EMI/Virgin had given her big bucks.”
It’s no wonder she couldn’t refuse.
Bosses at her new label have promised she will be whisked to Los Angeles to work with rock legends SANTANA, SLASH and STEVE TYLER on her debut album.
The source added: “Ruth blabbed very loudly that EMI thought she was the new JANIS JOPLIN. There were a few sniggers when she said it. “They think she’s a bit different to the norm with her Spanish roots. The rock angle appealed to them too.” AEROSMITH singer Tyler has seen Ruth X Factor and agreed to write with her.
The song she records with guitar legend Santana is already pencilled in to be her first single at the end of the year.
I’ve never been a massive fan of Ruth’s but Tyler, Slash and Santana are big potatoes on both sides of the Pond.

It also sets up a potentially explosive chart battle with X Factor winner ALEXANDRA BURKE.

(Article from The Sun)

Ruth Lorenzo en RTVE con Toni Garrido

Rtve - Ruth Lorenzo
Miercoles 28 de Enero 2009, entrevista de RUTH LORENZO en directo en Radio Nacional (RTVE) en el programa ASUNTOS PROPIOS presentado por Toni Garrido. Lo Puede escuchar aqui

Ruth Lorenzo on holidays in Mauritius

Ruth and Alex at the Airport
Losing X Factor contestants are always at pains to stress what good friends they are with those remaining in the competition and how they are routing for them to do well. Viewers may suspect that beneath the friendly hugs they are all secretly wishing the others would simply disappear, but it seems that Ruth Lorenzo and Alexandra Burke have overcome the odds to build a real friendship. Holding hands the girls were pictured laughing and joking at Heathrow airport as they prepared to board a plane to Mauritius today. Alexandra, 20, dressed casually but stylishly in a T-shirt and black jeans, with a new designer bag slung over her arm. Ruth showed off her figure in a low-cut red top, black leather jacket and jeans, and a pair of open toe high heels. The well-endowed Spanish beauty, 25, became firm friends with the eventual winner while inside the house. And despite Ruth's relatively early departure from the competition she obviously bares no ill will towards her new best friend.
Despite Alexandra's busy schedule they have found time to stay in touch - becoming flat mates, and now jetting off on a luxury holiday.(Article from the Daily Mail)

Ruth Lorenzo: "Gracias a todos "

Ruth - Gracias a todos - Thanks to Everyone
Hola !! bueno, en primer lugar keria dar las gracias a todos los ke me apoyais y me mandais mensages. aunke no lo creais siempre los leo y estos mensages son los ke me han hecho seguir luchando a lo largo de esta aventura. me hace increiblemente feliz saber ke hay gente viendome desde tantas partes del mundo en especial desde mi pais Espana y toda latino America. muchas gracias. Como dige a mi salida de x factor , esto no es mi fin es el principio y la lucha

verdadera empieza ahora, si la gente piensa ke me han visto luchar ....aun no han visto nada. pero solo pido ke al igual ke luchasteis conmigo derante xfactor necesito ke lo sigais haciendo ahora. Kiero darle las Gracias a este pais uk por haber creido en mi y por todo el apoyo ke me han dado , estare eternamente agradecida. Tambien decir ke el sabado se hizo justicia y ke Alexandra merecia ganar y ke soy muy feliz de ser su amiga, no nos separamos ni un momento. hahah Millones de gracias por todo y os mando todo mi amor. RUTH LORENZO xxx

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Ruth Lorenzo: "Thanks to everyone"

Ruth - Gracias a todos - Thanks to Everyone
HI well, first of all I wanted to say thanx to everyone that has supported and that have send messages. even though you might not believe it always read them and this messages are the ones that have kept me wanting to fight through out this jurney. It makes me incredibly happy to know that there is so many people watching from so many parts of the world, specially my country Spain and all Latin America. Thank you very much.

As I said when I left x factor , this is not the end is just the beginning and the real fight start now, if people think that they have seen me fight... they still have seen nothing yet . But I just ask that the same way all of you fought with me during the x factor I need you to keep doing it now. I want to thank this country The UK for believing in me and for all the support that you have given me, I will be eternally thankful for everything. I also wanted to say that Saturday was totally fair , that Alexandra deserved to win and that Im so happy to be her friend, we can never be apart, hahaha. Million thanx for everything and I sen you all my love. RUTH LORENZO xxx

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Ruth Lorenzo in Liverpool, Cardiff & Blackpool

Ruth performing

Ruth Lorenzo will be performing:

  • 18th December 2008: Mood, Liverpool
  • 19th December 2008: Pulse, Cardiff
  • 28th December 2008: Banks Leisure centre, Southport
  • 28th December 2008: Pacific Road Arts Centre, Birkenhead
  • 2nd January 2009: The Flamingo, Blackpool

Ruth Lorenzo en directo

Ruth Lorenzo - Entrevista

El Jueves 11 de Diciembre de 5 a 7 de la tarde hemos tenido el placer de tener en directo en 'Desconectate' a RUTH LORENZOOOO!!! Podeis escuchar la entrevista. Gracias a Raul y a MS Malaga

Podeis escuchar el programa "Desconectate" de las ultimas semanas aqui.

Ruth Lorenzo supporting Alexandra Burke

Ruth Lorenzo and Alexandra Burke
The Spanish talent from Ashtead, Surrey, who rocked the X Factor was already made offers to release her own album. Ruth Lorenzo, 25, was voted off the competition on Saturday, even though her performances of I Love Rock and Roll and Bon Jovi’s "Always" amazed the judges.
But her eviction seems to be just the beginning as she has already received offers from several record companies. “But I won’t be able to do anything about it until the end of the X Factor tour, in March,” said Ruth.
Since she left the show, Ruth hasn’t had a quiet moment. “I thought I would have time to rest, but everyone wants a little bit of me,” she said. Arguably Ashtead’s most famous resident, Ruth is planning to stay in the village only until the X Factor ends.
Ruth said: “I’m moving in with (fellow X Factor contestant) Alexandra after the show. We’re best friends.” Next Saturday, Ruth will be in the audience of the show supporting her friends who are still in the competition. She made no secret of who she wants to win the X Factor: “Alexandra. She’s just amazing, such a beautiful person. “I’ll be on a mission on Saturday. I want JLS to go through to the final and Alexandra to win. I’ll be wearing a t-shirt supporting Alexandra and a JLS necklace,” she said.
About what she will do after the tour, Ruth said: “I want to sing in English and in Spanish and I want to sing pop rock.”

Ruth is back at the house in Wembley

Ruth Lorenzo back at the house
She's only been gone a few days but Ruth Lorenzo has already returned to see her X Factor friends at their London hideaway. The sultry Spaniard – who was booted off the show on Saturday – made the surprise visit last night, much to the delight of her pals from the series. She wanted to tell them all about her first gig at the Capital Rocks! charity bash in Battersea, south-west London – and to say how much she missed them, of course. Yesterday the 26-year-old told TV Biz that she has already been in demand from music industry bosses. She revealed: “I’ve heard that people are wanting to give me contracts, I’m so excited but I can’t talk about that yet. I’m not allowed to sign up until the (X Factor) tour is over.” And Ruth said how devastated her mentor Dannii Minogue was to see her go. She explained: “Dannii said she felt she’d let me down and that she hadn’t done enough. “But she’s an amazing woman, I love her so much and she’s going to be my friend forever.” Ruth also said how emotional some of the other X Factor judges had been to say goodbye.
She added: “Louis cried and Cheryl cried and she thanked me so much for taking care of Alexandra (Burke).” And today Ruth told BBC Breakfast’s Sian Williams and Bill Turnbull how disappointed she and the other contestants were when Britney Spears didn’t meet them on Saturday’s show, when she performed Womanizer. The superstar has since been criticised for miming on the programme and dashing away from the studios. Ruth said: “We were so disappointed because all we got to see of her was her running around the corridors and then running off because she had to leave so quickly. “I think she was coming from Paris that day and she had to be really, really early in the morning somewhere else in Europe. “She was waving at us from backstage. “I am sure if she had time she would have spent time with us.” (Tthe Sun)

Ruth Lorenzo in Southport on December 28th

Ruth will be performing at Banks Leisure Centre, Greaves Hall Avenue, Southport, Merseyside PR9 8BL, on December 28th, 2008. Ruth Lorenzo will appear in a matinee performance.

Ruth Lorenzo at Battersea Park for Capital Rocks !

Ruth Lorenzo - Battersea Park
On Tuesday 2nd December 2008, Ruth Lorenzo was at Battersea Park, South London for a charity event hosted by Capital Radio. The event, a Russian Wonderland-themed called Capital Rocks, aimed at raising cash for young people. Celebrities including Lisa Snowdon, Brendan Cole, Johnny Vaughan and Sharleen Spiteri have turned out. Spiteri and girl band The Saturdays were on the bill to perform at the bash - and Ruth was also set for a surprise performance.


Ruth will not be singing in the Nineth Show

Ruth Lorenzo - Fifth Live Show
Ruth Lorenzo has not been saved by the public vote and will not be singing in the nineth Live Show on December 6th, 2008.
Thanks for Voting !!!!

Ruth Lorenzo: "I Love Rock'n Roll " - Week 8

Week 8 - Rock on Guitar
On Saturday 29th November, Ruth Lorenzo sang a song previously sang by, among others, Britney Spears: "I Love Rock'n Roll ". Ruth will also sang "Always" by Bon Jovi. The Theme for this week live show being... "Britney Spears & American Songs ", here was the song list revealed:
Eoghan Quigg: Sometimes + Together (High School Musical)
Alexandra Burke: Toxic + Listen
Diana Vickers: Im not a girl, not yet a woman + Everybody Hurts
Ruth Lorenzo: I love Rock n Roll + Always
JLS: Hit me baby one more time + You light up my life
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Ruth will be singing in the Eighth Show

Ruth Lorenzo - Seventh Live show
Ruth Lorenzo has been saved by the public vote and will be singing in the eighth Live Show on November 29th, 2008. The theme will be Britney Spears & American Songs.
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Ruth Lorenzo: "Love aint here anymore" - Take That Week

Take That week - Xfactor 2008
On Saturday 22nd November, Ruth Lorenzo sang a TAKE THAT' song: "Love aint here anymore". The Theme for this week live show was... "Take That ", here was the song list revealed:
Eoghan Quigg: Never Forget
Alexandra Burke: Relight My Fire
Diana Vickers: Patience
Rachel Hylton: Rule the World
Ruth Lorenzo: Love aint here anymore
JLS: A Million Love Songs
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Ruth will be singing in the Seventh Show

Ruth Lorenzo - Fifth Live Show
Ruth Lorenzo has been saved by the public vote and will be singing in the seventh Live Show on November 22nd, 2008. The theme will be "Take That".
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Ruth Lorenzo to sing "Angels" for Best of British

Best of British Flag
On Saturday 15th November, Ruth Lorenzo will sing a Robbie Williams' song: "Angel". The Theme for this week live show being... "Best of British ", here is the song list revealed:
Eoghan Quigg: One More Try
Alexandra Burke: You Are So Beautiful
Diana Vickers: Yellow
Daniel Evans: It’s Not Unusual
Rachel Hylton: You Know I’m No Good
Ruth Lorenzo: Angels (El Angel que Quiero Yo)
JLS: I Wanna Hold Your Hand - Twist and Shout - Hey Jude
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Ruth Lorenzo to sing "Angel"

Robbie Williams
The song for saturday 15th November 2008 has been revealed, and exclusive to !
Ruth Lorenzo will be singing "Angel" made famous by Robbie Williams. We cannot tell you if Ruth will be singing in Spanish or English...or both, but here is the version of Angel sang in Spanish by Robbie Williams.

XFactor Finalists in Oxford Street for the Christmas Lights

Oxford Street Christmas Lights with the Xfactor Finalists
The 49th big switch-on of the UK’s most spectacular and iconic Oxford Street Christmas Lights took place at House of Fraseron Wednesday 12 November, when tens of thousands gathered for the unveiling of Christmas in London’s West End. This year’s lights was switched on by the Sugababes, one of the most successful all-female acts of the 21st century, performances by X Factor finalists and joined by presenters from London’s Heart 106.2.
Ruth Lorenzo, Alexandra Burke, Daniel Evans and Rachel Hylton performed their latest single: "HERO". They also sang an amazing version of "All I want for Christmas is you ". The Christmas Lights switch happened at 6:17pm but performances started at 5:45pm. Oxford Street was closed to traffic from 4pm to 8pm on Wednesday 12 November 2008 from John Princess Street to Portman Street.

Ruth will be singing in the sixth show

Ruth Lorenzo - Singing week 5
On November 8th, Ruth Lorenzo had to sing for a survival after ending in the bottom two again. Ruth chose a Guns and Roses song: Knocking on Heavens door. After singing her survial' song, Ruth was followed by Laura White, one of the favourite for this year XFactor competition. Despite a fantastic performance, Laura was sent home. Simon decided to save Ruth, while Cheryl and Dannii chose to save her own acts, the decision was in Louis' hands. Ruth was saved.
Ruth Lorenzo will be singing next week on November 15th. The sixth live show will be dedicated to "Britishness" with the theme "Best of British". Ruth Lorenzo will interprating a song by Robbie Williams. The guest singer will be Leona Lewis.

Ruth in the bottom two again

Ruth sang a second song for her survival in the X Factor competition.Ruth chose a Guns and Roses song: Knocking on Heavens door

"HERO": The Video Released

Hero - Single and Video
The video for the Song "Hero" in aid for the Charity "Help for Heroes" is available here

Ruth to Sing "My All" for Mariah Carey's Night

Mariah Carey - X Factor UK 2008
On Saturday 8th November, Ruth Lorenzo sang a Mariah Carey' song: "No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)". The Theme for this week live show was... "Mariah Carey ", here was the song list revealed:
Eoghan Quigg: Anytime You Need A Friend
Alexandra Burke: Without You
Diana Vickers: Always Be My Baby
Laura White: Endless Love
Daniel Evans: Open Arms
Rachel Hylton: Against All Odds
Ruth Lorenzo: My All
JLS: One Sweet Day
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Ruth Lorenzo & the diet show

Ruth Lorenzo - Cooking - Diet
Ruth is too just too busy to eat!
She said: "I have lost weight - a lot of weight, but I didn’t plan it". "I am a typical Spanish girl - I'm used to having everyone sit around the table having a lunch that lasts a few hours." "I've always been a big girl. I've always had big thighs and big breasts. "But I am so busy these days I can't help but lose weight - and I wouldn't change my lifestyle now for the world!"
Ruth's weightloss has been so extreme that you can see the changes in her from day to day! She admitted, "I went for my dress fitting on Tuesday last week, and by Thursday they had to fix it. By Saturday it was too big for me again"!
But Ruth has a plan to keep hold of the curves she loves so much. "I am blessed because I have Alexandra's mom to look after me... she's become my English mom too! She's always buying food or making food." "And everything she gives to Alex, she gives another portion to me!"

Ruth will be singing in the Fifth Show

Ruth Lorenzo - Fifth Live Show
Ruth Lorenzo has been saved by the public vote and will be singing in the fifth Live Show on November 8th, 2008. The theme will be Mariah Carey!
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Ruth: "No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)" for Disco Night

Disco Theme - Ruth Lorenzo
On Saturday 1st November, Ruth Lorenzo sang a Barbra Streisand & Donna Summer' song: "No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)". The Theme for this week live show was "Disco", here was the song list revealed:

Movie Premiere for Ruth Lorenzo & XFactor

Red Carpet - Ruth Lorenzo - Leicester Square
Ruth Lorenzo has been walking the Red Carpet tonight in Leicester Square for the World Movie Premiere of the latest James Bond: Quantum of Solace, staring Daniel Craig. Part of the Royal Family was also attending the event as Princes William & Harry were there. All the profit from the event went to two charities: Help for Heroes (same charity supported by the release of Hero the Single and the Royal British Legion
007 star Daniel Craig, Bond girls Olga Kurylenko and Gemma Arterton, & Oscar-winning actress Judi Dench from the movie were received by a huge crowds gathered outside the Odeon Leicester Square cinema. The 22nd official Bond film is Craig's second outing as the fictional British spy and the new movie continues where "Casino Royale" left off -- a darker portrayal of Bond but still with plenty of gritty action and glamorous locations.
Bond travels to Panama, Chile, Italy, Austria and Mexico in a movie packed with rooftop chases, hand-to-hand combat and stunts involving bikes, boats, jets and cars. Craig, who performs as many of his own stunts as possible, has been injured in the line of duty. The 40-year-old severed a fingertip and had eight stitches in his face after being accidentally kicked on set. His right arm has been in a sling following a shoulder operation and will likely be greeting fans with his left hand.
Leicester Square is the traditional home for film premieres in Britain and the Odeon is the largest single screen cinema in the kingdom. Thousands of fans were expected to pack the square to welcome the film's stars, despite the chilly autumn weather. "Quantum of Solace" was the name of a short story in Bond creator Ian Fleming's 1960 anthology "For Your Eyes Only". "Casino Royale" -- the most lucrative of all Bond films, clearing more than 300 million dollars (200 million euros) at the box office worldwide -- depicted Bond at the start of his career. The story in the new film begins just an hour after the last one ends with a heartbroken Bond tracking down the mysterious Mr. White. "It's not a revenge movie," Bond series producer Barbara Broccoli has said of director Marc Forster's film. "It's much more complicated than that. There's much more action and it also deals with the inner turmoil of Bond following 'Casino Royale'." Judi Dench, in her sixth outing as M, the boss of Britain's overseas intelligence agency MI6, said cinema-goers would see her in a stand-off with Bond and their relationship would be "pretty prickly".
With Remembrance Day approaching, William and Harry asked for funds raised at the glitzy premiere to go towards supporting two charities that help war veterans. As part of the London Film Festival, ordinary fans will be given a chance to see the new movie, with a public screening minutes after the end credits roll at the premiere. The movie has been released in Britain and Ireland, November 14 in North America and November 19 in Australia.
The XFactor contestants mingled with the movie's stars at the film's champagne reception, where Bond's boss M - alias acting legend Dame Judi Dench - revealed she is a big fan of the show! In fact, Dame Judi let a big secret out of the secret service bag by revealing who she wants to be the winner. She told singer Ruth Lorenzo, "I think you are wonderful and my family and I vote for you every week on the show!" Ruth was delighted, especially when Judi continued, "You have always been our favourite - I thought the version of Purple Rain you did was outstanding too"! We're wondering if Ruth and Dame Judi might like to try a bit of a job swap, as Ruth has revealed that, in return, she is a big fan of Her Majesty's Secret Service. She said, "I've always wanted to be a Bond girl. I'd be a good sexy one because I am a good girl".

Ruth & Daniel not on stage for "Hero"

Ruth and Daniel sang for Hero
10.6 million people tuned in to The X Factor on Saturday, watching the X Factor finalists perform Hero in public for the very first time. Eagle-eyed fans will have noticed, however, that Daniel Evans and Ruth Lorenzo were missing from the historic line-up for the song.
And while everything went smoothly on-stage, all was not well behind the scenes. Moments before the song, the pair lined up with the others awaiting their cue to go on stage. But while the stage set doors opened for the other performers, Ruth and Danny were several metres away, their entrance hampered when the door on their side of the stage refused to open in a classic malfunction style!

Daniel Evans and Ruth Lorenzo are very much part of Hero single. And with microphones on, they sang behind the scenes on Saturday instead (if you noticed the camera cut to Austin looking a bit confused and like he wasn't singing - that's because it was Danny singing instead)!
Like the other contenders, the pair are proud to be very much part of the campaign to back veteran British forces. Danny, said: "I'm so happy to be involved in this single. It would be wonderful if we could give just a tiny bit back to the guys who are out there risking their lives for us every day. It makes you feel warm inside to think you are making a difference".
And Spaniard Ruth reminded, "I am very proud to be involved. Spain is also involved in the conflict in a supporting role". "There are young kids, dads, brothers, and sisters they've all been to war and they are all suffering. We forget they are suffering, and they are all heroes, no matter what. " And Ruth revealed the conflict had caused devastation close to home. She said, "For me personally, I especially meant what I was singing. One of my good friends went and he lost one of his legs. It is too bad he is not here because I don't think there is a charity like this in Spain. It's not just about losing a leg but also what horrible things they've had to see; I want to do everything I can".

Ruth will be singing in the Fourth Show

Ruth on the Third Show
Ruth Lorenzo has been saved by the public vote and will be singing in the fourth Live Show on November 1st, 2008.

Thanks for Voting !!!!

Ruth Lorenzo brilla en el 'Factor X' inglés

Portrait Ruth Lorenzo
La murciana Ruth Lorenzo, que trabaja como cantante y relaciones publicas de Polaris World, continúa su participación en el concurso televisivo británico The X Factor tras superar con éxito la gala eliminatoria del sábado, 25 de octubre. Emitido por un importante canal de televisión del Reino Unido, este programa es uno de los de mayor audiencia en dicho país. Doce millones de personas cada semana siguen el espacio, que está teniendo una gran repercusión en internet. Desde que el concurso arrancara en Londres el 11 de octubre, la joven murciana ha triunfado en las tres galas en directo celebradas hasta la fecha. En la segunda de ellas, emitida el sábado 18 de octubre, Ruth protagonizó uno de los episodios más comentados del programa.
Fue salvada por el público gracias a su aplaudida interpretación de la famosa canción de Prince Purple Rain, que en las horas siguientes a su emisión consiguió más de 60.000 descargas en internet.
Este hecho sin precedentes provocó que la discográfica del propio Prince llamara a The X Factor y a YouTube para que eliminaran de sus webs el vídeo de Ruth Lorenzo, «una censura que no ha hecho más que alimentar el deseo de los internautas y de sus numerosos fans por volver a ver la actuación, que ahora se puede descargar desde numerosas páginas de internet», apunta Juan Manuel Vera Gracia, prometido de la cantante y director de Espectáculos de Polaris World.
Precisamente, internet está aunando a un gran número de seguidores y fans en torno a la Ruth Lorenzo, cuya voz fue aplaudida de nuevo en la gala del pasado sábado, 25 de octubre, por la interpretación del tema Summertime, de Ella Fitzgerald.
Tras diversas experiencias musicales en solitario y estudiar en el Aula de Música Moderna del Conservatorio Liceo de Barcelona, Ruth Lorenzo y Juan Manuel Vera formaron el dúo Doss, con el que desde el 2004 ofrecen conciertos en directo en el hotel InterContinental Mar Menor Golf Resort & Spa y en diversos clubes sociales y locales de copas de Polaris World.

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Ruth to Sing "Summertime" for Big Band Night

Ruth Lorenzo - Bid Band Week
On Saturday 25th October, Ruth Lorenzo sang an Ella Fitzgerald' song: "Summertime". The Theme for this week live show was "Big Band", here was the song list revealed:
  • JLS Ain't That A Kick In The Head
  • Eoghan Quigg L.O.V.E
  • Scott Bruton That’s Life
  • Diana Vickers Smile
  • Laura White God Bless The Child
  • Alexandra Burke Candyman
  • Daniel Evans Lady Is A Tramp
  • Ruth Lorenzo Summertime
  • Rachel Hylton Feeling Good

Wrong Song or Wrong telephone Number ?

A huge amount of people emailed us regarding the telephone number used to vote for Ruth last saturday (18th October 2008). As you can see on the picture below, the number is not complete. This mistake was not present all the time, but because the mistake was not even revealed to the public, a huge amount of people dialed the wrong number, and thought that the line was simply busy.

Ruth Lorenzo - Wrong phone number

If you tried to vote for Ruth last saturday on number you could not get through, contact us

Where is the Purple Rain video ?!?!?

Censored Ruth Lorenzo version of Purple Rain
Wow...Purple Rain...Purple Rain. Youtube, Dailymotion, seems that everyone is totally obsessed by Ruth's interpretation of the song.
Questions keep coming: where is the video ? why the video has been withdrawn ?
So, here is an article from the Guardian explaining the situation:

"Prince threatens to sue his fans over online images" - # Owen Gibson, media correspondent # The Guardian, # Wednesday November 7 2007

He's a singer who has made some odd career moves in his time, from changing his name to an unpronounceable love symbol to scrawling "slave" on his cheek in protest at his record company.

But industry experts yesterday warned that Prince's latest decision might be the most controversial of all.

He has threatened to sue thousands of his biggest fans for breach of copyright, provoking an angry backlash and claims of censorship.

His lawyers have forced his three biggest internet fansites to remove all photographs, images, lyrics, album covers and anything linked to the artist's likeness. A legal letter asks the fansites to provide "substantive details of the means by which you propose to compensate our clients [Paisley Park Entertainment Group, NPG Records and AEG] for damages".

The singer himself is believed to take a close interest in unofficial use of his image and music, monitoring websites from his sprawling Paisley Park studio complex in Minneapolis.

A coalition named Prince Fans United, representing Housequake, Prince fans and, has been formed by the website organisers to fight back. They said they would contest the action on the basis that it was an attempt "to stifle all critical commentary about Prince". They added that the "cease and desist" notices went as far as calling for the removal of pictures taken by fans of their Prince tattoos and their vehicles carrying Prince-inspired licence plates.

"It's a really short-sighted and futile move," said Nicola Slade, editor of the industry newsletter Record of the Day. "Prince has got a lot of fans and as he's decided to take a more leftfield approach to releasing his material, he should be nurturing the relationship. I'm shocked, really."

The singer had been considered to be in the vanguard of efforts by some artists to cut record labels out of the equation and forge their own relationships with fans through the web and live concerts, having been one of the first to sell music directly to fans via his website.

He recently completed a 21-night residency at London's O2 arena, effortlessly mixing up the setlist each night to draw on a rich back catalogue that includes Purple Rain, Raspberry Beret, Kiss and Sign o' the Times, and was lauded for a genius marketing move in giving away his CD to concertgoers and with copies of the Mail on Sunday.

Alex Burmaster, an analyst at Nielsen Online, said: "It's a paradox that a musician who has done so much to bring himself closer to his fans, particularly with his 'them and us' crusade against the record labels, should be engaging in a course of action that effectively removes the raison d'etre of fansites.

"But it's the mark of the man who always goes against the grain that he should be doing this at a time when other artists and their labels are suddenly embracing the social media phenomenon."

In 1993, amid a bitter dispute with the record label, Prince changed his name to an unpronounceable "love symbol" as a step towards his "ultimate goal of emancipation from the chains" that he said tied him to Warner Bros.

Yesterday's move follows an earlier declaration of war on copyrighted material hosted by web giants such as YouTube and eBay.

In September, he appointed the internet company Web Sheriff to police the removal of up to 2,000 clips from YouTube. Web Sheriff managing director, John Giacobbi, said at the time that the singer wanted "to create a template for other artists". "Prince doesn't really want to go around suing people - he'd much rather people just respected his rights. He will be victorious," he said.

Controversy followed this decision, too, when a mother from Pennsylvania posted a clip of her baby dancing to his 1984 hit Let's Go Crazy and Prince's lawyers demanded it was taken down.

Lawyers at the Electronic Frontier Foundation have vowed to contest the claim on her behalf, saying the song is hardly audible and constitutes fair use.

By going after the Google-owned YouTube, Prince was merely following the lead of a handful of other big rights owners - including MTV-owner Viacom, the estate of Elvis Presley and the Premier League - that believe the video sharing site makes advertising revenue off the back of their copyrighted content. But while some artists have resorted to the law in an attempt to persuade websites or internet providers to remove pirated songs and there have been disputes over lyrics, most decided long ago that it was counterproductive to attempt to get fans to remove images and album covers.

"You can get things taken down, the legal tools are there to do it," said Caroline Kean, a partner at the law firm Wiggin. "The reason people don't is partly practical, because there are so many images, but also due to the bad publicity you get from going after your biggest fans. Most people soon realised it was counter-productive."

A spokeswoman for the fans' campaign said the sites had always tried to work with Prince's management. But it appeared that Prince wanted to edit his past and there was "no sign" of his lawyers backing down, she said. "He's trying to control the internet 100% and you can't do that without infringing people's freedom of speech," she added.

See Purple Rain

Ruth Lorenzo will be in the Third Show

Ruth Lorenzo - Second show singing I just can't be loving you
After a very emotional end. Ruth will now be performing on October 25th, 2008, on ITV1 at 7h25pm.

This week, Ruth Lorenzo and Girl Band were in the bottom 2. Both acts had to perform a second song to secure their place in next show. Ruth sang an amazing version of "Purple Rain", from Prince. Girl Band perform "I don't want to miss a thing", from Aerosmith.
Although Louis agreed that Ruth nailed the song, he decided to save his group: Girl Band. An obvious choice was also for Danni who saved Ruth. Cheryl also decided to save Ruth. However, the surprise camed from Simon Cowell who blamed Louis for the poor performance of his girl group, and therefore Simon decided to give a second chance to Girlband bringing the situation to "DEADLOCK". The public vote was then needed, and Girlband was sent home.
Ruth Lorenzo will therefore be coming back next week. According to Simon, Ruth finish in the bottom 2 this week due to the fact that she did not sang in Spanish this week.

Ruth to sing "I just can't stop loving you"

Ruth Lorenzo sing Michael Jackson
On Saturday 18th October, Ruth Lorenzo sang a Michael Jackson' song: "I Just Can't Stop Loving You". The Theme for this week live show was Michael Jackson and the Jackson's Five, here was the song list:
  • Scott Bruton She's Out Of my Life
  • Alexandra Burke I'll Be There
  • Austin Drage Billie Jean
  • Daniel Evans One Day In Your life
  • Girlband Heal The World
  • Rachel Hylton Dirty Diana
  • JLS The Way You Make Me Feel
  • Ruth Lorenzo I Just Can't Stop Loving You
  • Eoghan Quigg Ben
  • Diana Vickers Man In The Mirror
  • Laura White You Are Not Alone
  • Ruth in Benidorm & Shakira in Bogota ?

    Shocked Ruth Lorenzo at Louis ' comments
    Was Louis' comment out of order ? We think so here at RuthLorenzo.TV.

    Since Louis Walsh realized that he will not win X Factor this seems that he is putting all his weight to sabotage the game by encouraging the weak acts and hammering the strong ones. Admitting defeat for someone as competitive as the judges must not be easy, but hey...that's the game !

    Don't worry Louis, we are not upset, here is a link for you to plan your next visit to Benidorm :) And we will also throw some free tickets for Ruth's Concert in Dublin soon ! :)
    Real Benidorm Support Ruth Lorenzo

    Ruth Lorenzo likes to keep fit !

    Ruth Lorenzo - Run to Live - Ashtead
    Local X Factor finalist Ruth Lorenzo made it through the show’s rigorous Bootcamp but sought advice closer to home on staying on top form for the final stages of the competition. Ruth, 25, a PR consultant from Ashtead was delighted to make it through to the final 12 on the talent show and is now looking forward to being mentored by judge Dannii Minogue. Despite her hectic schedule Ruth has taken up running to keep herself fit and help with her breathing control and singing.
    She also found time to pop into her local running shop Run to Live to speak to the team about her running schedule and staying fit for the demanding live shows to come. Nicky Donbavand of Run to Live in Ashtead was delighted to welcome Ruth to the shop. She said: “It was great when Ruth called in. She’s a local girl and we’ve all been following her progress on the show. She has got an absolutely fantastic voice and we’ll be backing her all the way. “There are good support teams on the show but we just had a chat to her about the importance of staying on top form and keeping healthy so that she’s fighting fit for the forthcoming performances.” To find out more about Run To Live: Contact Nicky at Run to Live on 0845 263 8801 -

    Una murciana en 'The X Factor'

    Ruth Lorenzo
    La cantante murciana Ruth Lorenzo ha sido seleccionada como finalista en la edición del concurso británico 'The X Factor', que se emite a través de un canal de televisión del Reino Unido, por lo que esta chica participará el próximo sábado 11 de octubre en la primera gala de este programa televisivo, que se celebrará en Londres.
    Su hermana, Amor Lorenzo, explicó ayer a la agencia EFE que Ruth participó en su día en la segunda edición del concurso televisivo español 'Operación Triunfo', en el que llegó a superar el primer casting, y que desde aquel momento no había vuelto a intervenir en ninguna otra competición ni concurso de similares características.

    La ahora finalista de 'Factor X' en el Reino Unido, que trabaja como artista en el centro social que la empresa Polaris World tiene en el municipio murciano de Torre Pacheco, fue proclamada finalista de 'The X Factor' el pasado fin de semana, al ser una de las participantes más votadas por los espectadores que han seguido la selección de los aspirantes.

    La murciana Ruth Lorenzo, de 25 años de edad, se ha decantado por la modalidad del pop rock, según aseguran algunos de sus seguidores.

    El programa 'The X Factor', que arrancará en Londres el próximo sábado, sigue la estructura del que se emite en España bajo el nombre de 'Factor X' en el cual los espectadores y un jurado son los responsables de ir eliminando semanalmente a los participantes.

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