Ruth Lorenzo: Biography

Ruth Lorenzo Pascual was born (10 November 1982) in the South East of Spain and when she screamed loudly during the birth, the doctors said she would be a singer.

At the age of one, Ruth loved the film Annie and would sing along in English, even though she had no idea what the words meant. Her mother nurtured Ruth's love of music by playing music and dancing with her.

Ruth was six when she first heard Monserat Caballet, an opera singer in Spain and she started to sing opera when her mother bought her Monserat's album. Ruth imitated her vocals until she was pitch perfect to the iconic Spanish opera singer.

At twelve years old, Ruth moved to America with her family and this was the first time Ruth had the opportunity to get involved with music at school. She took every music, theatre, dance and choir lesson going and all of her teachers encouraged Ruth, she was put into competitions and played lead roles in My Fair Lady and Phantom of the Opera.

The family moved back to Spain when Ruth was 16 and although Ruth had some singing lessons by this point, she had to give them up due to the financial difficulties her family were having. Ruth gave up on her dream as it was becoming clear that it would never be something that would pay the bills.

Ruth was approached by a rock band when she was 19 this was a new challenge because she had only ever sung classical music. Ruth made the decision that she would give up her job at the family business and follow her dream once again. The band became very close as the toured Spain and Ruth stayed with them for 3 years.

After playing countless hotels and bars the group decided to split up. Ruth now dates the guitarist, Juanma and the duo landed a permanent contract for Polaris World where as well as performing, Ruth works as a PR consultant and Juanma is the Director of Entertainment.

Since ending the Xfactor Tour in 2009, Ruth Lorenzo has been constantly touring in England, Ireland and Spain. She has collaborated with Cuatro Television by writing the theme tune for a new "Telenovela" called Valientes. Refusing to compromise with her record label EMI, Ruth decided to relaunch her career independently and by using the support of her fans. Francis Rodino has also played a big part in getting Ruth Lorenzo's Album out.

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